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Why do teeth have cavity ?

The outer layer of our teeth (Enamel) is very hard. But the inner side of teeth have many joints on the surface where due to accumulation of food deposition of bacteria occurs.These bacteria secrete acid and this acid softens the teeth, Due to which cavities occur. Which is treated by the dentist with the help of filling material which is filled in the cavity for prevention of futher damage.If not treated in time the cavities get deeper and damages the roots of teeth as well.Why do teeth have cavity ?

What do you mean by sensitivity in teeth ?

Intense pain in teeth due to Hot , Cold or Sweet substances is known as sensitivity. It is due to thinning of the outer layer ( enamel ) of teeth. It should be treated as early as possible or the conditioncan get even worse.

What causes Dry mouth (xerostomia)

Lack of saliva (xerostomia) is known as dry mouth. The process of salivation is very necessary for your health as saliva keeps the mouth clean and plays a vital role in digestion and removes the trapped food particles with in the teeth. Dry mouth causes some serious conditions like Gingival swelling , tooth decay,etc.

What is tooth Erosion ?

The outer white layer of teeth is very hard known as enamel this substance is hardest substance found in human body even harder than the bone. Calcium keeps this layer hard and this calcium is found in saliva. But due to some reasons like consumption of acidic drinks like soda , preventive juices and excessive acidity in stomach ,etc this layer gets thin and teeth become sensitive and yellow. This is known as tooth erosion.

What are the causes of bad breathe or smelly mouth ?

Due to cavities in teeth and rotting of the food particles trapped in these cavities.
Due to necrosis of bone around teeth and gums.
Due to improper cleaning of tongue.
Due to gastrointestinal disorders.
Due to breathing disorders.
Due to medicines that we take can be a reason of bad breathe or smelly mouth

What is Bruxism ?

This is a very common problem amongst peoples which people take very lightly. In this people tend to grind their teeth and slowly it becomes a habit which is known as bruxism the main cause of bruxism is stress. This condition results in shortening of teeth and excess pain in temporomandibular joint.The dentist treats it by covering the teeth with the night guard.

How many times in a year should we consult a dentist ?

We should consult a dentist 2 times a years and if any problem occurs we should get the treatment as soon as possible to get rid of it. And we should get our teeth cleaned 2 times a year to prevent gum related problems

How many times a day should we brush our teeth ?

Yes it is true that we should atleast brush our teeth twice a day. And it is important to brush our teeth at night after dinner. Generally after our teeth we consume milk or food but the fact is that we should only drink water after brush at night.

How many times a day we should floss our teeth ?

We should floss our teeth atleast once a day so that the hidden surface (inter dental area ) remains clean

How often we should replace our brush ?

We should replace our after every 3 months. We should only use brushes one with soft bristles and if we use motorized brushes the heads should be changed as per company’s instructions

At what age we should take our children to dentist ?

THE DENTIST wants that your child’s teeth should remain healthy and he or she never think that a dentist is ruthless person and only gives pain that is why we (THE DENTIST ) provide a friendly and entertaining environment to your child. And we advice you to bring your child on his/her first birthday. And we also advice that pregnant ladies should regularly consult a dentist so that mother and her child’s teeth remain beautiful.

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